From Work with Sounds – to Sounds of Changes

Sounds of Changes builds on the legacy from the former project Work with Sounds.

The Sound of Progress

Put on your headphones and experience what historical ears sounded like.

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The sounds from the past is here to stay.

Sounds of changes is a cooperation between six museums in Europe. The project records and preserves the sounds of industrial and civil society. In our collection you will find everything from clunking from machines, to the sound of town-life in city squares.


“Sounds of Changes is a unique effort to preserve the soundscape of yesterday, and to make this legacy come to live again.”

– Brandon Smith

Behind the sounds

  • Analog Radio

    A big change is on its way within the field of commercial radio transmissions. The old analog radio transmissions is being replaced by modern digital...
  • Truck Stop Bally Pinball Machine

    The history of pinball reaches all the way to 1770’s. They gained mainstream attention after the spring launcher was patented in 1871. Other major...
  • Pajatso Slot Machine

    Slot machines are popular past time in Finland. They can be found on almost every store and gas station. Probably the most legendary slot machine is called...