From Work with Sounds – to Sounds of Changes

Sounds of Changes builds on the legacy from the former project Work with Sounds.

The Sound of Progress

Put on your headphones and experience what historical ears sounded like.

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The sounds from the past is here to stay.

Sounds of changes is a cooperation between six museums in Europe. The project records and preserves the sounds of industrial and civil society. In our collection you will find everything from clunking from machines, to the sound of town-life in city squares.


“Sounds of Changes is a unique effort to preserve the soundscape of yesterday, and to make this legacy come to live again.”

– Brandon Smith

Behind the sounds

  • Pispalan Uittotunneli (Log Driving Tunnel)

    Pispalan uittotunneli was built in 1968. It was originally made for log driving but was never put to use. The plan was to replace the old tunnel that was...
  • Saw and Theremin Performance

    Saw & Theremin duo performing at Tekotaiteellisen paskan festivaali (roughly translatable to Festival of Pseudo-artistic Crap). The event is part of traditional...
  • Hopealinjat Ship

    Hopealinjat ships are a famous tourist attraction in Tampere as they travel through Pyhäjärvi direct to Viikinsaari (Viiki’s island) or in the summer...