5 sounds with tag stove
  • Finnish Sauna Part II: Lighting the Stove (kiuas)

    Sauna in it’s form known in the western world, originates From Finland. In Finland alone there were 3,2 million saunas (in 2013), which is a considerable...
  • Finnish Sauna Part III: Filling the Water Tank

    The bathing water is heated in a metal tank that is located in it’s own compartment of Kiuas. In the audio you can hear the sound that the water makes...
  • Kitchen fan

    The fan above the kitchen stove which removes the smell and hot air from the dishes on the stove; or in the pan. Photo and recording by Helena Törnqvist.
  • Stove

    A stove made out of metal from the late 1800s. It might be manufactured in Norway. Photo and recording made by Helena Törnqvist.
  • Wood Stove Sauna

    The sauna forms an integral part of Finnish Christmas celebrations. One should visit the sauna in the afternoon of the Eve, before Christmas dinner. The...