Textile industry Winding machine


This winding machine of an unknown manufacturer, was in operation at the Induplati Jarše textile company during the period 1925–1997.

After the finishing processing, the fabric was inspected and any defects were identified. The fabric was then measured and transported to the winding machine. The machine folded the fabric so that the right side of the fabric was on the inside, and wound it onto a paper tube. The wound fabric was then tied on both sides with a string and fitted with a label carrying information about the fabric composition and a laundry symbol.
Such a product was transported to the warehouse and from there on to the customer.
The machine wound up to 1,000m of fabrics per shift (8 hours). One bobbin could carry about 20 to 30 metres of fabric.

Sound recordist: Boštjan Troha
Video Recordist: Barbara Grilc
Photographer: Veronika Štampfl


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Recorded on January 20, 2015
Technical Museum of Slovenia
Bistra pri Vrhniki, SLOVENIA
Creative Commons License

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