Grain Water Mill Water wheel

Water wheel

Sound of water wheel start and run.
This is a overshot wheel which has the water channeled to the wheel at the top and slightly beyond the axle. The water collects in the buckets on that side of the wheel, making it heavier than the other "empty" side. The weight turns the wheel, and the water flows out into the tail-water when the wheel rotates enough to invert the buckets. The overshot design can use all of the water flow for power and does not require rapid flow.

This watermill is placed in Röttle nearby Gränna in Sweden and it’s called Rasmus Kvarn. The mill was built in 1660, but back then it was used as a forge for weapons. In 1690 they rebuilt the house to a flour mill. The mill was used until 1923. 1979 the local Preservation society started to use the mill again and it has been used since then, mostly as a tourist attraction. Rasmus mill is a part of Grenna Museum.

Sound recordist: Torsten Nilsson
Photographer: Torsten Nilsson
Video recordist: Torsten Nilsson


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Recorded on May 23, 2014
Water Mill
Gränna, SWEDEN
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