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Volvo 8900le bus (inside)

Volvo 8900le (le stands for low entry) is today perhaps one of the most important trasportation vehicles of the TKL (Tampere Region Transport, aka Nysse). Volvo has made this model in Säfflen Sweden and Wroclaw Poland since 2011, but nowadays the manufacturing is done solely in Poland. Engine is either Volvo D7E or Volvo D9B. Biodiesel can be used as fuel.

Recording is done inside car number 104, which was on route 28a (Sorila - Tays - Keskustori - Lielahti - Siivikkala) after rush hour. At the start of the recording the car is at the Tampere City library and at the end at Rantatie. During the first half of the recording the car is going through the construction work of the tramway.

Tampere region transport uses also name Nysse (meaning "now it's…") for marketing purposes. Use of that name started as a joke. It was supposed that someone in Turku said to another one: "Did you know they call buses in Tampere as nowits?" "How come...?" "Yes, I noticed when the bus arrived people at the bus stop said nowits coming."

Sound, video, photo: Kimmo Kestinen


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Recorded on August 26, 2019
Tampere City Library - Rantatie
Tampere, FINLAND
Creative Commons License