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Tinnerö Oak Landscape- Dawn approaching

Tinnerö Oak landscape is a nature reserve in Linköping Sweden. These four recordings where made at the lake “rosenkällasjön”.
Tinnerö is a 687 hectare big nature reserve with a rich animal life and a fascinating soundscape. The area was for a long time a military training ground which has helped to its preservation. In 2002 the town of Linköping took over the responsibility for the area. Since then many efforts have been made to preserve and restore the area (including a reconstruction of the Lake Rosenkällasjön). Tinnerö is home to about 280 red-listed (endangered) species.
Soundscapes like these have been around for a very long time but the list of endangered species is getting longer and longer. If we don’t change how we take care of this planet that we live on these sounds might not be around in the future.
These sounds are the first in a series of soundscape recordings from nature reserves in Sweden.
The recordings were made (late May 2018) from about one hour before dawn until about one hour after the sunrise.
Sound 1: Before dawn
Sound 2: Dawn approaching
Sound 3: Dawn
Sound 4: After dawn

Sound recorder and photographer: Fredrik Johansson


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Recorded on May 31, 2018
Nature reserve
Linköping, SWEDEN
Creative Commons License