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Tampere Market Hall at Christmas Time

Tampere Market Hall is located in the city centre in Tampere. It is the largest market hall in the Nordic countries. Market Hall was designed by architect Hjalmar Åberg and built in 1899–1901.

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, the market hall lost customers to the markets. This made the merchants of the Market Hall work together to reach customers.

Nowadays, the Tampere Market Hall is highly standing among the people living and visiting Tampere. Today, it is a protected building.

Market hall has many markets that have served customers for decades –oldest market is a butcher's shop Yrjö Wigren Oy from 1917. There are a plenty of stores that have been specialized in a particular industry like leather, shoes or flowers. Market Hall has also many cafes and restaurants.

In the video is the Market Hall by the day at the Christmas time at December 13 2017. Market Hall is decorated with Christmas decorations and the shops are selling traditional Christmas foods and ornaments.

Video recorder: Kalle Pajula
Sound recorder: Henri Pyöriä
Photographer: Leena Ahonen


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Recorded on December 13, 2017
Tampere Market Hall
Tampere, FINLAND
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