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Sunday Bingo at Suolahti People’s House

Every Sunday a group of bingo players gather around for a weekly bingo night at Suolahti People’s House.

Bingo has been a very popular past time activity especially amongst the elderly people in Finland. There are still traditional bingo nights organized mostly by leftist/labour party activists.
Traditional bingo games have been widely replaced by automatic bingo systems and internet bingo halls.

In the audio you can hear first a traditional manual bingo machine, with balls rattling against the metal chassis of the machine. The bingo announcer then reads out the numbers. Later in the audio you can hear a newer digital bingo machine that only clicks silently when picking the next number.

In Suolahti bingo nights have been arranged by the Left Alliance and its predecessors since the early 1970’s

Sound recorder, video recorder, photographer: Antti Makkonen


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Recorded on May 20, 2018
Suolahti People's House
Äänekoski, FINLAND
Creative Commons License