1930s passenger experience public transport SN2 tram

SN2 tram – car interior

Sounds accompanying the ride of a passenger in the SN2 electric tram. The recording was realized during the ride from Podgórze tram depot to the Museum of Municipal Engineering in Cracow in regular traffic.

SN2 tramcar No 87 was manufactured in Sanowag United Tramcars Factory in Sanok (Poland) in the year 1939. It was the most modern type of tramcars put into operation in Cracow before the outbreak of WW2. By September 1939, 18 power cars marked as SN2 and 10 trailers designed in the same way (excluding control system and motors) and marked as PN2 operated in the city.
These were modern vehicles with steel structure of the body, fixed on biaxial bogie. They could accommodate 58 passengers at a time, including 24 seats. They were the first trams in Cracow equipped with electric passenger compartment heating. They were used on Cracow tram lines until the year 1976.
The recorded tramcar was withdrawn from service in 1971 and then transformed into a plow used for removing snow from tram rails. In the years 1989-1991, its original state was restored and the tram became the first operating historical vehicle owned by Cracow Municipal Transport Company (MPK). It is exhibited in the Museum of Municipal Engineering in Cracow.

Sound recordist: Michał Fojcik
Photographer: Iwo Wachowicz


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Recorded on October 20, 2014
Museum of Municipal Engineering
Krakow, POLAND
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