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Sliding at Shrovetide

Shrovetide is celebrated February 13.

In a church-like sense, The Shrovetide is seven weeks before the Easter holiday to be celebrated. The idea of the Shrovetide is the Bible's account of the fast of Jesus in the wilderness. After the Shrovetide, the fasting season begins, ending in Easter. That is why both in Catholics and Lutheran countries celebrating Shrovetide has included abundant food service and cheerful delight, in Finland, pea soup, cheese and Shrove bun which is a bun filled with cream and jam or almond paste.

Shrovetide is also descripted as an mid-winter sliding festival. It is a well-known tradition to grap a sled and go to the toboggan slide with a family at Shrove Tuesday.

The Shrovetide included previously beliefs and folklores concerning farming and animal husbandry. No longer traditions like sliding are combined with flax growth, but cheerful activities says good-bye to the dark winter and people can start to wait for spring.

In the video the child is sliding at Pikku Kakkosen leikkipuisto which is a playground at a central Tampere.

Video recorder, Sound recorder, Photographer: Laura Vaara


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Recorded on February 13, 2018
Pikku Kakkosen leikkipuisto
Tampere, FINLAND
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