emergency police siren vehicle Warning signal

Police car – siren one

This siren was the one of the old Police communale. The "wail" setting may be used, which gives a long up and down variation, with an unbroken tone of two notes (B – F). There are two sirens, which can be activated by the car horn. The two sirens can be combined to attract more attention.

Belgian Local Police forces use different sorts of police cars. This is an Opel Astra.

In addition to visual warnings, most police cars are also fitted with audible warnings, sometimes known as sirens, which can alert people and vehicles to the presence of an emergency vehicle before they can be seen. Modern vehicles are fitted with electronic sirens, which can produce a range of different noises. Police driving training often includes the use of different noises depending on traffic conditions and manoeuvre being performed.

In Belgium there are no specific regulations concerning sirens and lights on police vehicles, although the law doesn't allow the use of red lights pointing forwards, therefore all emergency vehicles may only be equipped with blue lights (red lights are allowed on the rear side).

The federal police is in charge of both specialized and supralocal law enforcement operations and specialized criminal investigation operations. The force is also tasked with delivering support to the local police forces. The federal police concists of approximately 12,300 personnel members (civilian and operational staff).
Each local police chief is responsible for the execution of local law enforcement policy and ensures the management, organization and distribution of missions in the local police force. We have interviewed a patrol of two officers from the « Brussels west » district.


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Recorded on June 18, 2015
Brussels, BELGIUM
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