Construction site Hammer Junttan Norrköping

Pile Driving Rig – Second pile

Piling the second concrete pile.

This recording was made at a construction site where an eleven floors house is being built. The traffic in this area is heavy and because of that you can here traffic in the background.

A pile driver is a mechanical device used to drive piles (poles) into soil to provide foundation support for buildings or other structures. The term is also used in reference to members of the construction crew that work with pile-driving rigs.

This machine is manufactured by Junttan company's which roots reach back to the 1960s to a Finnish foundation company called Savon Varvi. Export to Sweden and Denmark started in 1984.

Junttan PM 23 LC “Hercules” is a special piling rig designed for job sites where a long leader reach is needed. The rig can be used for driving timber, concrete and different types of steel piles. The recommended hammer ram weight is from 3 000 to 5 000 kg and maximum pile length is 20 meters.

Sound recordist: Torsten Nilsson
Photographer: Torsten Nilsson


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Recorded on October 1, 2014
Construction site
Norrköping, SWEDEN
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