Motorcycle Tomos

Motorcycle TOMOS D7

This motorcycle was given to Technical museum of Slovenia by Tomos factory in 2002 and it represents a part of valuable and exceptional TOMOS collection.
In 1962 the FIM officially accepted motorcycles with an engine capacity up to 50cm3 into the calendar of world road racing championships. The Tomos team had prepared for this season with a new competitive machine that right from the start was considered one of the favourites. It had no component parts from the licensed Puch MS 50. The most important components of the new racing motorcycle, such as the frame and engine, were fully developed in-house by Tomos. The engine offered around 7kW (10hp) power, which was at that time at the absolute top end of the smallest racing machines.

The D 7 was made to win the company their first World Championship title but in the first race in Barcelona in 1962 its major downfall – the transmission – cost it a high ranking. Whilst on the flat parts of the racing track the Tomos was faster than its rivals (Kreidler, Honda, Suzuki), difficulties with the transmission stopped their rider Parlotti from being ranked better than ninth. At the following World Championship race in Clermont, Rajko Piciga with the Tomos D 7 also crossed the finish line ninth. Although after solving the transmission issues it was felt the D 7 could still be competitive, Tomos decided to withdraw it from the World Championships.

Sound recordist: Dušan Oblak
Video Recordist: Barbara Grilc
Photographer: Veronika Štampfl


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Recorded on December 18, 2014
Technical Museum of SLovenia
Bistra pri Vrhniki, SLOVENIA
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