Colibri Motorcycle Tomos

Motorcycle TOMOS Colibri special (D-3)

This motorcycle was given to Technical museum of Slovenia by Tomos factory in 1997 and it represents a part of valuable and exceptional TOMOS collection.
In 1959, Tomos developed from the production Colibri (a license-built Puch MS 50) their first racing motorcycle, which that very same year won international races held in Portorož. It clearly differed from the production Colibri in having lower handlebars, an oblong fuel tank, a sport seat, and a specially adapted exhaust. It was fitted with manual three-stage gears, with the gear handle mounted directly on the changing shaft. Although there wasn’t a visible difference between the serial production and racing engine, the alterations to this aspect contributed the most to its success in the races. The highest engine output was 3.7kW (5hp), twice that of the production Colibri.

Sound recordist: Dušan Oblak
Video Recordist: Barbara Grilc
Photographer: Veronika Štampfl


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48 kHz
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Recorded on December 18, 2014
Technical Museum of SLovenia
Bistra pri Vrhniki, SLOVENIA
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