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March for Women’s Rights in Cologne: Wir nehmen uns die Nacht!

On the international day against violence against women various political and feminist groups called for a protest march in Cologne. They walked from the main station through the city centre to Hans-Böckler-Platz to protest for women’s rights. The title of the demonstration translates as “We Take the Night!”.

This recording was made while walking along with the protesters. You can hear various bands playing music with drums and rattles, whistles, women shouting and singing as well as music played via loudspeakers in the distance. One group of women chants “My body my choice!” another group shouts “Frauen kämpfen international gegen Faschismus, Krieg und Kapital!“ (women fight fascism, war and financial capital internationally).

Sound Recordist: Kathinka Engels
Photographer: Kathinka Engels


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Recorded on November 24, 2018
City Centre
Cologne, GERMANY
Creative Commons License