maintenance Military Airbase Soundscape

Malmen Airbase: Road maintenance Soundscape

Malmens Flygplats (Malmen Airbase) in Linkoping Sweden have been in operation since 1913 but military activities in the area goes back much longer. The airbase is home to many different aircrafts and helicopters.
This is soundscape of something very ordinary: the maintenance of the runways were the planes land and take off. It´s called “sop och blås” (sweeping and cleaning). This is an important procedure before the planes can take off. You have to make absolutely sure the roads are clean for the airplanes. The name of the machine performing the maintenance is "Överaasen RS200/T. It´s manufactured by Norwegian company Överaasen.

Sound recorder: Fredrik Johansson
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Recorded on August 20, 2019
Military Air Base
Linköping, SWEDEN
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