Arborrverk Atlas Machine Norrtälje Pythagoras

Horizontal milling machine, mono recording

Pythagoras-Drott’s main line of production in the early 20th century was hot bulb engines. One machine, crucial for the production of these engines, is this horizontal milling machine which was used to shape the inside of the engine housing. The milling process was fairly slow which provided the operator of the machinery the possibility to work on a different drilling or lathing machine simultaneously. In this sound clip the milling machine is carving the inside of a cast iron cylinder. The milling machine was built by the Stockholm based Atlas company, it runs on diesel and is probably over a hundred years old.

Machine type: Horizontal milling machine
Machine name: “Arborrverket”
Manufacturer: Atlas
Year of manufactory: unknown
Place of manufactory: Stockholm
Db: 72

Sound recordist: Torsten Nilsson
Photographer: Torsten Nilsson
Video recordist: Torsten Nilsson


3.5 MB
39 s
1 (Mono)
Sample rate:
Bit rate:
Bit depth:
44.1 kHz
705 kb/s
16 bit
72 dB

Recorded on October 27, 2014
Engine Factory
Norrtälje, SWEDEN
Creative Commons License