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Hjem-IS (Denmark, Norway), Hemglass (Sweden) or Kotijäätelö (Finland), all meaning "Home Ice Cream", is a Northern European brand of ice cream. It is known for its distribution system, being delivered to people's homes by its light blue ice cream vans and selling ice creams by the box, in contrast to ice cream vans other places in the world. In Sweden and Finland, the van has a signature tune that is similar, but not identical to the Laurel and Hardy theme tune; in Norway and Denmark it rings a bell.

Hemglass was originally founded by the Swedish Eric Ericsson in 1968 and later spread its activities to other countries, establishing itself in Denmark in 1976, and in Norway and Finland in 1993.

Sound recordist: Torsten Nilsson


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Recorded on June 6, 2014
Norrköping, SWEDEN
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