helicopter HKP 5 Soundscape Swedish Airforce

HKP 5 Inside the cockpit and Landing

The sound of a HKP 5 B also known as Huges 300c. This is a piston-powered light training helicopter used by the Swedish Air Force between the early nineteen- eighties until 2002 (the earlier model was first manufacture in the nineteen- fifties). This was mainly a training helicopter but could be used in military action for surveillance and fire control. The helicopter can take two persons. The pilot and one passenger. . This helicopter is owned by The Swedish Air Force Museum and taken care of by the nonprofit organization “FVM- helicopter”.

The sound was recorded from inside the cockpit and during the landing.

Sound recorder: Fredrik Johansson
Picture: Fredrik Johansson
Film: Fredrik Johansson


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48 kHz
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Recorded on September 20, 2018
Gnesta, SWEDEN
Creative Commons License