Half speed Rex Ship Steam Steamship

Half back, maneuvers in the engine room

S/S Rex is a small tug operated by a non-profit association as a museum ship where you can experience the life on a small steam ship on Strömsholms canal.
The tug was built 1902 at Thorskogs Mek. Verkstad AB, Torskog
It was commissioned by Andersson & Lindberg, Gothenburg with the name Rex.
At the end of the First World War Rex was bought by ASEA. Rex was used to tow barges on Strömsholms canal and on Mälaren. About 40.000 ton coal/year was transported from Stockholm to Surahammars mill. Competition from trucks made canal traffic unprofitable and since 1966 Rex is a museum ship. Nowadays Rex has his home port in Torshälla but from time to time the boat can be seen on Strömsholm Canal.
Rex is fitted to work on the canal. Both chimney and wheelhouse can be folded down so the tug can pass under low bridges.

Length: 15,20 meters
Width: 3,90 meters
Depth: 1,70 meters

Engine: compound steam engine
80 Ihp (Indicated horsepower)
Fuel: coal

Boiler type: Scotch marine boiler, from Rex sister boat Inga-Maj. Installed in Rex 1989-1990.
Fire surface: 25 M²
Maximum pressure: 7.00 kg / cm²
The boiler manufacturer: Thorskogs Mechanical Workshop, Thorskog
Boiler built: 1913

The Strömsholm Canal (Swedish: Strömsholms kanal) runs from Smedjebacken to Lake Mälaren near Strömsholm. It is 62 miles long with 26 locks. It consists of a string of lakes connected by short manmade cuts.


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Recorded on August 1, 2014
Torshälla, SWEDEN
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