coffee fair trade roasting

Coffee beans sucked to the silo

When the roasted coffee beans have cooled down enough, they will be dropped to a bucket and then sucked to a storage bin. Grain conveyor sucks the beans to the silos pneumatically.

Max. dB. 85,9

Coffee roasting took place in Tampreen kehitysmaakauppa ry, Fair trade organization in Tampere, specialized in wholesale and coffee roasting. The organization was founded in 1983 to increase fair trade. Mainly they buy coffee beans from Tanzania Kilimanjaro Native Co-Operative Union but also from Bolivia and Ethiopia. They buy also Café Caracol, which comes from zapatist areas in Mexico. In Kehitysmaakauppa they roast espresso beans, instant coffee and filter coffee with two roasts: medium dark and dark.

Sound recording: Leena Ahonen
Video Recording: Kimmo Kestinen
Photographer: Leena Ahonen


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96 kHz
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86 dB

Recorded on May 27, 2015
Fair Trade Coffee Roastery
Tampere, FINLAND
Creative Commons License