aerosols sprays

Aerosol filling machine

Pamasol Macromat 2045
Made in 1990 by Pamasol Willi Mäder AG, Switzerland.

The empty cans travel to the aerosol filling machine that fills the cans while simultaneously pressing the valves onto the cans. The cans go through three different places: first the valve is added to the can from the tube that is a part of the valve feeding machine. Then the valve is straightened and finally the valve is pressed to the can while the machine simultaneously fills the can. The aerosol feeding machine adds the propellants, active substances, if they are needed in the product. Here only compressed gas is bottled to be used for cleaning cameras etc. The machine works pneumatically.

Pamasol Willi Mäder AG is a Swiss aerosol company founded in 1965 by Willi Mäder. The firm specializes in filling and sealing machines for aerosols and spray systems.
Taerosol Oy is a Finnish firm manufacturing technical aerosols for electronics and industries. They have three aerosol series, PRF, CarEvi and First1 - product families for industry and professionals but also for consumer usage.
The sounds come from manufacturing cleaning sprays. The process includes 7 phases. At first, the valve feeding machine feeds the valves to empty cans that move with a transport belt to the aerosol filling machine. Since the cleaning spray doesn’t need any active gases, only chosen propellant is added. The aerosol filling machine adds the valves and the gases and secures the valves at the same machine. After that, the cans move to the waterbath for checking and then to the cap fitting. The labels are taped, the extra straws are added, and then the cans are packed to boxes and the boxes are taped shut.
There are strict security measurements in aerosol production and, for example, the warehouses need to be explosion proof spaces.

Max. dB. 82.5.

Sound recordist: Maasa Järvinen
Video recordist: Kimmo Kestinen
Photographer: Leena Ahonen


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Recorded on February 17, 2015
Taerosol Oy
Kangasala, FINLAND
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